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Dornier DO 228

I would rather say the ugliest aircraft that belongs to the Indian Air Force fleet. This aircraft owns a very unique rectangular fuselage if you look from the front. This aircraft is manufactured under the license of Hindustan Aeronautics limited. (HAL) It’s original manufacturer was the German Dornier GmbH. The HAL brought a license and manufactured 125 aircrafts for the asian market. Approximately 227 Dornier 228s were built in Germany and India. Indian Air Force owns 40 Dornier 228-201 and another 14 Aircrafts are on order. The primary users of this aircraft is the Indian Air Force and Indian Coast Guard.

The Dornier Do 228 is a twin-turboprop STOL (Short Take-Off Landing) Utility aircraft. Although this aircraft is categorized as a Airliner as the role of the aircraft in wikipedia, the aircraft is mostly used by Indian airfare for transportation and by Indian Coast Guard. Aircraft is equipped with two Honeywell TPE-331-10 turboprop engines. The most amazing fact about this aircraft is, this aircraft owns brand new wing design as its wing. This design is a Super critical wing design. Which was developed by the Dornier GmbH in late 1970s. This new kind of wing design was named as TNT (Tragflügel neuer Technologie – Aerofoil new technology) The new design was tested on Dornier Do 28 and then company developed a new fuselage for the new TNT design in two variants (15 and 19 passenger) The prototypes were named as E1 and E2.

Dornier Do 228 has maximum cruise speed of 223 Knots (413kmph) and a range of 214 nautical miles (139km with 1960kg of payload) The aircraft can be ferried to a distance of 1276 nautical miles (2363km with 547kg of payload) Do 228 take 2600ft (790m) of runway distance to take off with its MTOW (Maximum Take-Off Weight) and 1480ft (450m) of runway to land with MLW (Maximum Landing Weight) The aircraft can be flown in maximum altitude of 25000ft which is called as the Service Ceiling.The aircraft weights 3900kg with two pilots and the maximum take off weight of the aircraft is 6575kg (14550 lb)

The Swiss RUAG AG aired the Do 228 type certification in 2003 and the announced their intention to produce a modified version of the Dornier 228 in 2007. The aircraft was named as Dornier Do 228NG (NG – Next Generation) In 2008 at Berlin Air Show HAL agreed to supply Wings, Fuselage and Tailplane for the new aircrafts. In 2010 Do 228NG received the EASA airworthiness certification. The main outstanding feature of the NG is the five bladed propellor. The earlier version of the aircraft had only four blades in the propellor. More than 350 design changes are available between the Do 228 and the Do228NG. Adaption of Glass-cockpit which means the aircraft is equipped to flown under single-pilot.

The Do 228 has been involved in 49 accidents and incidents including 40 hull losses. And resulted in 187 fatalities. The fuselage and the wings of the aircraft is very unique and that makes the aircraft looks very different from the aircrafts in the same category.

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