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MIKOYAN MIG-29 vs. BOEING F/A-18 SUPER HORNET Firepower Comparison

When it comes to making the defense system of any country, the air strike makes the big difference in the combat situation. The fighter plane plays an essential role in the defeating the enemy force and wins the battle. You need the right type of firepower to fight with the opponent and beat them in the air to combat. The fighter plane such as Mig-29, Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet gives the necessary strength to the countries defense system and allow them to stand still in emergencies.

The below comparison will help you to comprehend how the three plane Mig-29 and Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet increase the firepower of any country.

Mig-29 Fulcrum

The Mig-29 is Russian made twin-engine fighter aircraft designed to elevate the military strength of Soviet Union during 1970. It was designed to counter the new U.S. fighter such as the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle and the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. It was launch in 1982 and entered into the service with the Soviet Air Force.

The Mig-29 is capable of fighting against enemy effectively. It was developed to play multiple roles during the combat and deliver the best performance. It is mostly used to provide air to surface defense to the ground troop. After the first launch many the Mig-29 has gone through many technological updates such as the launch of Mig-29M and Mig-29K. Among all these updates the most lethal combat fighter jet was Mig-35.

The new version of the Mig was featured with improved engines, glass cockpits with Hotas compatible flight control, the new radar system used to increase the range, IRST sensor was mounted on the place to detect enemy planes from a distance, and most importantly increased fuel capacity allows the MIG to stand in between the most powerful aircraft we find today. The latest version is equipped with the air to air aerial refueling which enables the plane to stay active in the battlefield without landing.

Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet

The Boeing is known for it extraordinary contribution in the air support. The Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet is a masterpiece of their creative and hard-working engineering capability. The Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet has twin-engine capable of taking long-range flight without any trouble. The aircraft comes in different variants such as F/A-18E single-seat and F/A-18F tandem-seat. The Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet is equipped with 20 mm M61 rotary cannon and can hold more firepower such as air to air missiles and air to surface weapons.

It also supports additional fuel, which can be carried using five external fuel tanks. The aircraft can be configured as an airborne tanker simply adding external air refueling system on the aircraft.

In the comparison of Mig-29 vs. Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet, both sound pretty good on the field. They both have unique features which make the fighter planes extremely powerful in the combat situation. The multi-purpose use of the aircraft makes it more useful in all the situation. The Boeing is one of the top aircraft development company in the world which has a good strength of developing a lethal weapon for the military. Their aircraft are consistently updated using new technology which makes them more power to deal with any situation.

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