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SUKHOI SU-35 vs. MIKOYAN MIG-35 Comparison and Superiority factors

Sukhoi SU-35 and Mikoyan Mig-35 are both air to air combat lethal air strike military place used in the various missions. The fighter planes are known for multirole missions capability to win the battle without giving change to the opponent. Both fighter places are highly agile when it comes to taking high-speed maneuver into the air and take the sharp turns during the combat mission. The size of the plane is only differenced recognizable in the first views. However, size difference doesn’t make the fighter place less effective in the war zone.

Some expert thinks the Su-35 is far bigger and equipped with a more advanced version of the legacy Flanker Model. It facilitates to carry large size weapons during the mission. You can mount around 12 hardpoints weapons on the plane, which is more than Mig fighter place who is capable of carrying around eight hardpoints weapons. Additionally, Su-35 gives 30% more range compared to the Mig-35. If we consider the amount of weight it can carry, so it clearly seems the Su-35 has a durable build quality that allows it to carry much heavier and bigger weapons than the Mig. You can obtain a long-range antiship Brahmos missile with another long-range AA-10 (R-27) Alamo missiles on the fighter jet.

The capability of carrying large size weapons makes the fighter plane a lethal war machine.

Advance Features:

The Mig-35 has recently gone through vast improvement to carry its legacy from Mig-29. The new changes have addressed the previous weak points which were making the Mig-35 less powerful compared to other fighter jets in this series.

Both the jet has two seat models which give plenty of seating area for the two fighter jet pilot. The fighter plans are in the ready to combat format capable of taking flight immediately in the emergency situation.

Cost difference:

Another significant difference you will get to experience is the cost of both planes. The big 35 is much cheaper in price and easy to operate. It is suitable for the country who is looking for the affordable defense solution. The mix can be used for multiple purposes, which makes the fighter place flexible and affordable for the military use. The maintenance cost of the Mig 35 will be cheaper than the Su-35 in term of fuel cost. Recently the Royal Malaysian Air Force has declared that the cost of the operating Su-30MK over the Mig-29N is roughly about 40%. You can clearly see there is a big difference in operating cost of both fighter planes.

Moreover, the Su-35 is considered as more superior warbirds in Russian Air defense force. It is also a more powerful fighter place compared to the F-22 raptor.

The MIG-35 Fulcrum F is known for its lightweight capability. It is able to perform all the activities that Su-35 can do at a much lower cost. You will see the technological difference as well as the price difference, but both the plants are capable of winning the war.

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