The MIKOYAN MIG-29 FULCRUM vs. the SUKHOI SU-27 FLANKER – Jet Inventory


Here we have a description of the fighter jets that were made by Russia against the US fighters. The two have similarities as well as dissimilarities. The aircraft here has been designed to stand against fighters. One or the other has been made with modifications to overcome defaults and stand as the best fighter jet. Read through the lines and see the differences and the striking characteristics to choose the best out of the two. The prices and the way they are maintained would also be essential to be kept in mind.

The Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker and MiG-29 Fulcrum are of the same lineage. The USA earlier came up with a no-expenses-spared super-awesome air superiority fighter, and the Soviets also came up with something similar. Realizing it to be expensive, they finally came up with the Mig 29 and the Sukhoi 27. The MiG-29 was born to suit the Soviet Union’s Lightweight Fighter Program. It had powerful engines and very high speeds, unlike other generation fighters. However, it could carry only a small weapon load. The two are best as fighter crafts.

The Su-27 was made to be a striking opponent to the American F-15 Eagle. The SU-27 was not that fast and could carry a large weapon load and could travel a long range. The Americans had the F-15, which was powerful, and then the Soviets feared that the F-15 would be a threat to them. So they came up with the Sukhoi 27 model from the Advanced Frontline Fighter Program.

Both these models are suitable for fighting. The most significant advantage was that the MiG-29S was able to launch an R-77 active radar guided missile unlike the Sukhoi 27. The two aircraft have a similarity, which is that they have an IRST and HOBS launch capability, and they also have an R-73 heat-seeking missile.

The Su-27 could be introduced as one that has a fly-by-wire control system. It could be described as an imposing fighter aircraft that could carry up to 10 AAMs. However, both have similar layouts. The two belongs to the categories of Russian fighters. The well-seen difference between the two is the Su-27 has a signature centerline fuselage stinger, whereas it is absent on the MiG-29.

The other difference is the way that the vertical stabilizers on the MiG-29 are situated is entirely different of the Su-27. Air intakes on the MiG-29 are also inward, whereas the air intakes on the Su-27 are vertical. These characteristics would be some of the aspects that distinguish the two aircraft. What else could be said about the two aircraft? Both the aircraft, the Su-27 and the MiG-29 came up with the same design specification. It was the MiG Company that was the father of the two fighters. Regarding missiles, out of the two, it is the Su-27 that could load much more. The missiles in the two are the same, but the versions are different. These are the characteristics unique to the two aircraft.

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